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Initially deceived by his plump appearance caused by malnutrition, treatment wasn’t sought until diarrhoea set in. Doctors worry he may not survive as he weighs just 5kg ‘I am afraid we will lose another of our daughters by Christmas,’ year-old Sara told me at the graveside. She just faded away, her eyes sank into her head. We had hardly any porridge then, and now that is running out, too. Zimbabwe once happily exported grain to the rest of Africa, but it is now a decade or more since it grew enough to feed itself. Melissa, 4, from Bulawayo, with her mother. She is malnourished and shows signs of stunted growth. She is almost two-thirds of the weight she should be, and almost eight inches shorter than an average British four-year-old Racially inspired ‘land reforms’ ordered by an increasingly demonic Mugabe in the late-Nineties put paid to that. Huge tracts of Zimbabwe are returning to bush. The land lies untilled while almost every kind of food is imported.

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Crimea ‘to join Russia’ after referendum. Is this the spark that will ignite the fourth world war like the Sarajevo Assassination? Russia vs Ukraine crisis ; According to international law ,no country is allowed to occupy another using force. Every country deserves its independence. Despite this there are others that still have other countries as their colonies or they partly control those countries.

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Mpilo Central Hospital The revelations come at a time when the institution is plagued by a number of maladministration practices among them failing to pay withholding tax on allowances, failing to account and record donated goods while even their inventory is in tatters. In the report, Mrs Chiri pointed out that a number of patients were overbilled and the situation was made worse by failure by senior officials to verify authenticity of the bills. The hospital has since dollarisation in regularly engaged debt collectors to pounce on patients with outstanding bills.

She noted that significant losses may be incurred in the event of insurable disasters occurring. On motor vehicles registration, Mrs Chiri said failure by the hospital to register its motor vehicles in its name may result in financial losses in the event of ownership disputes. Mrs Chiri said this may have led to misappropriation of donations, as donations, inventories and equipment will not be recognised in the financial statement at year end.

Mrs Chiri also noted that the hospital risked serious financial loss as it did not have comparative financial information. The hospital has not presented a statement of cash flow as is required by IAS 1 due to the absence of information. Mrs Chiri also revealed that the hospital did not have a formalised credit management system resulting in significant debts outstanding dating back to She noted that the hospital was not regularly reconciling and following up on money received from medical aid societies.

This, Mrs Chiri said, may result in the hospital failing to recover what it is owed by its clients.

How your partner can spy on you using WhatsApp Web

He has always been one of my heroes and I have taken great inspiration from his speeches for many decades. While rereading his I have a dream speech it struck me that it applies very much to Zimbabwe today. Many are feeling downcast; many in the human rights community feel that despite decades of struggle to bring freedom and tolerance to Zimbabwe, we are going backwards.

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Mugabe’s genocide: The images of despair that reveal the full horror of Zimbabwe

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Unlike other local authorities in the country, the city council has only cancelled debts accrued over rates — leaving residents with water charge bills dating back to


City public relations officer Bongiwe Ngwenya says the city may soon be asking residents to start boiling drinking water as it will find it difficult to pay for water treatment chemicals if it fully complies with the government order.

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Doctors worry he may not survive as he weighs just 5kg ‘I am afraid we will lose another of our daughters by Christmas,’ year-old Sara told me at the graveside.

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