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Former Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell came up with the name while watching coverage of the LA riots on television. Presumably while jacking off. Pornography for pyromaniacs is, for all intents and purposes, regular pornography. He’s out burning down the neighborhood Costco. It turns out they just really like burning stuff. Lead singer Chad Kroeger was having trouble coming up with a name, and so approached his brother, who worked at a Starbucks. Asking cashiers at franchise coffee shops for career advice can only end in tragedy. Kroeger suffered similar woes after getting a Wal-Mart greeter to do his taxes for him, resulting in the repossession of his house.

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Squire was the only constant in ever-evolving Yes lineups dating back to This led many to assume that ownership of the Yes brand had fallen solely to him. Not so, Yes management now confirms. At the time of his death, it was actually jointly held by Anderson, Squire and early ’70s additions Steve Howe and Alan White, they say. Independently untangling ownership for the band is complicated not just by varying lineups, but also by multiple corporations set up by members over the years. A trademark on the Yes logo was also registered to Anderson, Squire and White back in

If the bands had spent any less time coming up with something, they would have ended up calling themselves The Band Name.

Share Antonoff was seen peeling and then eating a banana as Perry spoke to the audience. Without a care in the world, the New Jersey native continued chowing down during the musical ceremony. The musician, 33, peeled and ate a banana during Katy’s passionate opening monologue – causing fans to accuse him of ‘throwing shade’ on her ‘Bad host jokes’: Viewers at home took to social media and erupted in cheers and jeers for and against the musician Beats: DJ Afrojack wasn’t even sure who was on the screen eating a banana Viewers at home took to social media and erupted in cheers and jeers for and against the musician, as his actions were seen as loyalty to Swift in the ongoing feud between the two singers.

One Twitter user wrote: VMAs’ Antonoff’s long time girlfriend and fellow Taylor Swift squad member, Lena Dunham, shared her thoughts on her boyfriend’s on-screen antics. Antonoff’s long time girlfriend and fellow Taylor Swift friend, Lena Dunham, shared her thoughts on her boyfriend’s on-screen antics Hi honey! Antonoff was also seen face-timing Dunham shortly after his awkward display of loyalty to Swift Antonoff was also seen face-timing his girlfriend of five years shortly after his display of loyalty to Swift.

Dunham has famously been by Swift’s side, even defending her friend’s dating choices to radio legend Howard Stern in February. Lena also took to Instagram to share an image of Jack also eating a sandwich Feeling proud: Jack and Taylor have a history of working together that dates back to , when he co-wrote her song Sweeter Than Fiction.

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Comedy Hall of Famer, Ace Aceto! Ace burst onto the comedy scene during the latter part of the stand-up comedy boom in His first time on stage he immediately caught attention by placing second in a local comedy contest.

Asked about Yes in March , Wakeman said, “They’re nothing to do with us.

History Early history The earliest forerunner of boy band music began in the late 19th century as a cappella barbershop quartets. The popularity of barbershop quartets had been prominent into the earlier part of the 20th century. A revival of the male vocal group took place in the late s and s with the use of doo-wop music. Doo-wop bands sang about topics such as love and other themes used in pop music. The earliest traces of boy bands were in the mid s although the term boy band was not used.

African American vocal group The Ink Spots was one of the first of what would now be called boy bands. The term boy band was not established until the late s as before that they were called male vocal groups or “hep harmony singing groups. The Jackson 5 and the Osmonds This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Katy Perry & Travis McCoy Break Up

Released in , the song topped the charts in over 20 countries worldwide. Both of her parents are pastors and she is their middle child. Upon graduating, she moved to Los Angeles. Katy’s first CD was released under her original name, Katy Hudson. The eponymously titled album was released in by Red Hill Records and was a Christian Gospel album.

At the peak of their popularity in the UK, comparisons were being made to The Beatles.

Katy Perry & Travis McCoy Break Up

One of the band members thought the logo on the STP car treatment spray bottles was cool.

Harry Styles

Typically, each member of the group will have some distinguishing feature and be portrayed as having a particular personality stereotype, such as “the baby,” “the bad boy,” or “the shy one.

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Mark was an employee of the NHL for one whole week.

The 25 Most Ridiculous Band Names in Rock History

The Just Plain Ridiculous There’s really just no defending these.

Harry Styles

They just weren’t very good at thinking.