6 Things Every Christian Should Know About the Rapture

After a customary salutation, he rebuked the Galatian Christians. Usually he began his epistles by commending his readers. The Acts of Paul and Thecla. It described Paul as “a man of small stature, with a bald head and crooked legs, in a good state of body, with eyebrows meeting and nose somewhat hooked, full of friendliness; for now he appeared like a man, and now he had the face of an angel. In his reference to himself, Paul emphasized his apostolic office. The Greek word translated “apostle” apostolos means “one who is sent. In its more restricted sense, the word means someone who had received a special commission from the risen Christ i. In its more general sense, it refers to those sent with a message from God as in Acts It even describes Jesus Heb.

6 Things Every Christian Should Know About the Rapture

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He wants to do something through us today.

Bkmrk The Galatians had received Christ, had experienced the Holy Spirit setting them free from sin and opening up a new life to them. Now they knew God on the basis of an introduction by the Son of God himself. But they were flirting with the idea of being circumcised so they could be saved! They didn’t get it.

They didn’t appreciate what they had. They had been convinced by some Jewish Christians that they couldn’t be saved unless they were circumcised like proper Jews. Now they were about to go backwards! So Paul tries to explain to them using a number of analogies how the law that demanded circumcision was inferior to the freedom of the Spirit.

The Slavery of Their Gentile Past 4:

Galatians – Chapter 1

Paul directs this great charter of Christian freedom to a people who are willing to give up the priceless liberty they possess in Christ. Certain Jewish legalists are influencing the believers in Galatia to trade their freedom in Christ for bondage to the Law. Paul writes to refute their false gospel of works, and to demonstrate the superiority of justification by faith. To Paul, his spiritual liberty in Christ was worth far more than popularity or even security.

I took the above photo one Christmas when he was about to read the Christmas story to our family.

Recommended Books for the Study of Early Christian Writings Information on Galatians Galatians is one of the four letters of Paul known as the Hauptbriefe, which are universally accepted as authentic. It is typically dated c. There is an old debate as to whether Paul’s letter was directed to northern Galatia, where the ethnic Galatians lived, or to southern part of the Galatian province, where cities such as Iconium are located.

Brown states that the arguments for the northern theory “seem more persuasive” An Introduction, p. Udo Schnelle writes The History and Theology, p. In particular, the absence of the addressees in Gal. Galatia’ and the address in Gal. Jewish-Christians from Palestine had visited the congregations of the Galatians after Paul’s visit there and taught that Paul’s Gospel was incomplete.

They persuaded some of the Galatians that salvation required observance of the Torah laws, including circumcision. Paul writes to rebuke and to persuade the Galatians in this letter.

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Your Church – Christmas Devotion 24 Matthew I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it. The first that came to my mind, as with many, was the actual building, but that isn’t really the church.

It is a strong word, used by Dr.

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Reference in Galatians must be to Arabia Petraea, the northwest section of Arabia, controlled by the Nabataeans.

The Golden Rule in Christian Dating

I took a picture of this ornament – one..

Galatians – Chapter 1

The new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God.

The Golden Rule in Christian Dating

I’ve seen people cause great turmoil in a church to get their way, to push through their agenda — as if they owned it.


But now the Messiah had come and sent his Spirit.