2011 New York Giants season

Although the team did not improve on their 10—6 mark from , the Giants were able to qualify for the playoffs and won Super Bowl XLVI , marking the fourth time in team history that they won a Super Bowl. Many analysts predicted a rough year for the Giants. New York finished 10—6 in but failed to qualify for the playoffs due to not having any tiebreakers over any NFC playoff team. The Giants entered their week 17 match up with the Cowboys with both teams tied for the division lead with 8—7 records. The Giants took a 21—0 first half lead and while the Cowboys closed the gap to make the score 21—14 early in the 4th quarter, the Giants held on to defeat the Cowboys 31—14, clinching the divisional title and a playoff berth. As in , , and , the Giants played their eventual Super Bowl opponent during the regular season. The Giants also played the Packers and 49ers during the season, losing both games in the final minutes of play. The Giants were the first team in NFL history to reach the Super Bowl with a negative point differential minus-6, points scored, points allowed.

The American Airlines-US Airways Merger Will Unite 2 Companies With Tumultuous Pasts

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Make sure to get this working before you move on!

The airline industry is a tough industry, and American Airlines and US Airways are combining histories filled with mergers, bankruptcy filings, and labor issues. In , consolidation in the U. During his time at American, Smith worked with Douglas to develop the DC-3, and American became the first carrier to fly the aircraft in Since American played a key role in the development of LaGuardia, they were given extra real estate, and American opened the first airline lounge in the world, their Admirals Club.

Also, Smith helped American become the first airline to fly the Douglas DC-7 in , the first airline to offer continuous coast-to-coast jet service with the Boeing in , and the introduction of the Boeing in Smith retired in , and, two years later, American Airlines merged with Trans Caribbean Airways which provided American with their first Caribbean routes.

Worth and create a hub to directly compete with Braniff who was the first major US airline to succumb to bankruptcy ,in Crandall was focused on keeping costs contained, even at the expense of employee morale, and passenger service.

2011 New York Giants season

Now that we have the parts we will need, we can now begin assembly. The head is a good starting point, since it houses a good variety of electronics. Once you understand how to assemble one part, assembling the rest should be relatively straightforward. Because of this, I will describe assembly of the head in great detail while being less detailed for the other parts. Begin by collecting the necessary pieces for the head, which include:

If you choose to do this, you will have to design the PCB yourself.

Download View in 3D Step 3: Making the Sensor Circuit The flex sensors require a circuit in order for them to be compatible with Arduino. It’s a voltage divider: This can be measured by the Arduino through its analog inputs. The schematic is attached red is positive voltage, black is negative, and blue goes to the Arduino.

The resistors in the photo are 22K. I color-coded the physical wires in the same way as the schematic so you can see more easily. I soldered the circuit onto a small PCB from RadioShack, one that could be easily mounted onto the glove.

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When have completed soldering the necessary components onto the perf board, we can screw both the perf board and the Arduino Mega onto the middle plate of the backpack.

Halley: Ambassador Robot 001

Repeat this process with each finger.

2011 New York Giants season

When it comes to early morning and late evening topwater fishing, I wouldn’t use anything else.


Although this project was planned very carefully, you are almost guaranteed to have “unforeseen difficulties.

DIY Robotic Hand Controlled by a Glove and Arduino

It is no secret that it is a challenge to combine two major airlines, and it has occurred several times in the 21st century already.

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Finally, attach the head to the upper chest torso.